Tactical Diversions, LLC dba Scenariosupply.com
The scenario player's support team!

Scenario Supply is dedicated to the scenario woodsball player, as well as to military and tactical training. We are a company that prides ourselves in knowing our customers by name, not a number. Should you ever have a problem or question about one of our products, you can rest assure that someone here will respond either by email or phone immediately to put the matter to rest, unlike some of our competitors. Finally, we will not sell a product that we wouldn't want to use ourselves. We engage in playing paintball on a regular basis and we enjoy testing these products to insure that our customers will enjoy them, rather than be disappointed by them. Should you need to speak to someone directly, please contact Bill Ford, Field Manager, at (704)-880-8574 or email him directly at info@scenariosupply.com